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2024 WildCAD Conference PPT (>150 MB)

WildCAD-E Training Videos

Available now ==>> Welcome to WildCAD-E

Available now ==>> Accessing WildCAD-E

Available now ==>> Preparing WildCAD6 for WildCAD-E

Available now ==>> Resource Integration

Available now ==>> Daily Routines

Available now ==>> Center Admin & Grids

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Latest WildCAD-E Release Notes

WildCAD-E_Center_Admin_Guide_v3.1_June 2024.pdf

WildCAD-E_Center_Admin_Guide_v3.1_June 2024.docx

WildCAD-E_User_Guide_v3.1_June 2024.pdf

WildCAD-E_User_Guide_v3.1_June 2024.docx

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